A cutting-edge nephrology center in Kalamaria

Located in a central hub in the municipality of Kalamaria, on Ethnikis Antistaseos Street 17, so that you can have quick and easy access to your hemodialysis treatment from anywhere in East Thessaloniki.

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Kalamaria Center

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Kalamaria Marina / Aretsou

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Nea Paralia

Built with modern philosophy in mind

The new Achilleion Nephrology Center in Kalamaria is housed in an impressive, privately owned 1500 sq.m. building. Renovated according to the ideas and practices of eco-architecture, it emphasizes freedom of movement for the people inside it, luxury and comfort for the patients and their escorts, and top-notch, state-of-the-art medical equipment.

For the patient

When it comes to chronic hemodialysis, finding pleasant ways to integrate it in your everyday life is really important. The Achilleion Nephrology Center in Kalamaria offers easy access from everywhere on the east side, a modern and renovated environment, and other well-researched and planned amenities that can help with the patients’ positive mental health and social life.

For the escort

While waiting for your hemodialysis patient to complete their treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to do some shopping or have a pleasant walk around in Kalamaria. You can also wait in the specially designed waiting room, enjoy free WiFi and smart HD TV access, and get the latest information about your patient’s treatment. We offer free parking right outside the building to make your visit even easier.

Services that exceed expectations


Connect to Achilleion’s WiFi network for free and enjoy fun, high-speed internet browsing.

Personal 28” Smart HD TV

Enjoy watching your TV show of choice on your personal 28” Smart HD TV screen.

Special hotel pricing

For those who prefer hotel accommodations, Achilleion has secured special pricing in a number of different hotels in Thessaloniki.

Fresh Air

Our modern air conditioning and ventilation systems guarantee a pleasant environment of nothing but fresh, clean air.

Light & nutritious meals

Enjoy a free light and nutritious meal, a glass of juice, or another beverage of your choice.

Private ambulances

In case a patient needs them, our units have fully equipped private ambulances and experienced ambulance crews.

Easy access

In front and around the Kalamaria unit there are OASTH bus stations in all directions. Access by car is very easy from every point of Thessaloniki via the ring road or for those who are vacationing, from Chalkidiki via A24.

Free private parking

For those of you who prefer to drive, we can provide you with free parking near the Achilleion Nephrology Center.

Book your

We’ll be happy to meet you in person and offer you a free tour of our facilities and services.