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City Center

For someone undergoing chronic hemodialysis, everyday comfort is of vital importance. The Achilleion Nephrology Center is located right at the heart of Thessaloniki and has easy access to everything a patient would need to maintain high spirits and a healthy social life. Its combination of central location, beautiful environment and luxurious accommodations is bound to make your experience a pleasant one.


The new Achilleion Nephrology Center in Kalamaria has been great for the quality of life of patients that live in East Thessaloniki. Located in our own privately owned building at a popular local hub, our cutting-edge nephrology unit can offer patients a high level of personalized care, comfort, ease of access, and a positive overall atmosphere.

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Vacations & Hemodialysis

Our two nephrology units, located in the city center of Thessaloniki and in the central hub of Kalamaria, offer easy access to the city’s busiest streets. There you can go shopping, go out for dinner, and visit the most popular sightseeing spots.

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    The Achilleion Nephrology units are ISO 9001-certified.

    The Achilleion Nephrology Center is an active member of ΠΕΙΜΧΑ, the Panhellenic Union for Privately-owned Longterm Hemolysis Units.