Vacations and Hemodialysis

At the Achilleion Nephrology Centers, we believe that everyone has the right to live a perfect vacation. Our units, located in two central points in Thessaloniki, have access to main shopping streets and food options and are close to the most popular tourist attractions. You can focus on enjoying your vacations and leave everything else to us.

For those of you traveling to Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas, the Achilleion Nephrology Center can assist in finding accommodation in the city and surrounding tourist areas, as well as help with transportation from your place of stay to our unit. We are by your side every step of the way. That way, you can combine a perfect therapeutic program with unforgettable vacations.

White Tower & Nea Paralia
The most relaxed and romantic walk in Thessaloniki is along the Nea Paralia promenade, where you can enjoy a European-style walk and admire the themed parks along it. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee during the sunset with a view of the Thermaikos gulf. At the end of the walk, you'll see the imposing statue of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian general, standing next to another symbol of the city, the White Tower. The White Tower is the most famous symbol of Thessaloniki and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Greece, where you can go on a tour and enjoy the magical view from the top of the tower.
17’ from Achilleion City Center
5-7' from Achilleion City Center
15' from Achilleion Kalamaria
Aristotelous Square
The largest square in Thessaloniki and one of the largest and most imposing in Greece, the Aristotelous square has a strong cosmopolitan character, combining Byzantine architecture with Western European aesthetics. On Aristotelous Square, you can see and visit some of the most important and beautiful buildings in the city (Olympion, Electra Palace, etc.), and even enjoy coffee or food.
5’ from Achilleion City Center
3’ from Achilleion City Center
16’ from Achilleion Kalamaria
Galerius Arch & the Rotunda
One of the most well-known monuments in Thessaloniki, the Arch is located on the upper side of Egnatia street, just a little away from the Rotunda. The Rotunda undoubtedly represents one of the most significant Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments in Thessaloniki, which has even been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
20’ from Achilleion City Center
10’ from Achilleion City Center
12’ from Achilleion Kalamaria
Agios Dimitrios and Agia Sophia
In the center of Thessaloniki you can see and visit two of the most impressive churches in the country. Dedicated to Saint Demetrius, the patron and protector of Thessaloniki, the church of Agios Dimitrios is one of the city’s jewels and one of its most remarkable sights. Similarly, the church of Agia Sophia is dedicated to the wisdom of God and considered a masterpiece of the Byzantine era. Both churches are open for visits and you can admire intricate frescoes, mosaics, and engravings.
15’ from Achilleion City Center
10’ from Achilleion City Center
22’ from Achilleion Kalamaria
Less than an hour away from Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki has to offer a multitude of dreamy beaches, beach bars, luxury hotels, coastal villages with picturesque taverns, and more. Enjoy the view of the Athos, the Holy Mountain that dominates the Athos peninsula, the most important religious destination for Orthodox Christians after Jerusalem.
Access is possible either by public transportation or by car and distances vary from 1 to 2 hours.
Just a breath away from our Unit, Ladadika is a beautiful historical area specially designed for pedestrians and a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. Ladadika is one of the city's most famous spots for entertainment and food, with colorful historic and neoclassical buildings that exude the spirit and character of old Thessaloniki.
1’ from Achilleion City Center
15’ from Achilleion Kalamaria
Mediterranean Cosmos
Mediterranean Cosmos is a large shopping mall located in the eastern part of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city. It officially opened in October 2005 and is the largest retail and entertainment company in Southeast Europe. At the shopping mall, you will find the largest brands for your shopping needs as well as countless options for coffee, food, drinks, and cinema. It is an exceptionally popular destination for locals and visitors from other cities and countries. It has 200 stores, 30 restaurants, 11 multiplex cinemas, a supermarket, and spaces specially designed for children.
22' from Achilleion City Center
8’ from Achilleion Kalamaria
Aretsou Marina
At the beach of Kalamaria, in one of the most picturesque areas in the eastern outskirts of Thessaloniki, lies the Aretsou Marina. It’s a place ideal to go for a walk around, and it offers a beautiful view of the boats and the sea, as well as dozens of coffee and food options. Walking down the Marina is relaxing and will give you the opportunity to enjoy magical sunsets. You can choose from many restaurants and fish taverns with excellent fresh fish and enjoy your coffee or dessert with a breathtaking view. It is one of the most popular places, especially during the summer months.
30’ from Achilleion City Center
20’ from Achilleion City Center
10’ from Achilleion Kalamaria

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