A state-of-the-art nephrology center in the heart of the city

Achilleion nephrology center is located in the center of Thessaloniki, in the Ladadika area, just across Plateia Eleftherias. That way you can comfortably have your hemodialysis treatments and still be just a few minutes away from everything.

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Aristotelous Square

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Tsimiski Street (central shopping area)

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White Tower

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Mt. Olympus

For the patient

For someone undergoing chronic hemodialysis, having a comfortable everyday routine is very important. The Achilleion Nephrology Center at the heart of Thessaloniki provides easy access to all those things that will help you maintain a positive mental attitude and social life. Its central location, beautiful environment, and luxury accommodation services will make your experience a pleasant one.

For the escort

While waiting for your hemodialysis patient to complete their treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to get your chores and shopping done, or even have a pleasant walk around the city’s center. You can also get free parking and the chance to get informed about how the treatment is going at Café Willem, our roof café that has a view of the beautiful Ladadika area.

Services that exceed expectations


Connect to Achilleion’s WiFi network for free and enjoy fun, high-speed internet browsing.

Personal 32” LCD TV

Enjoy watching your TV show of choice on your personal Full HD TV screen.

Special hotel pricing

For those who prefer hotel accommodations, Achilleion has secured special pricing in a number of different hotels around the city’s center.


Our central unit includes Café Willem, a specially designed 4th floor recreation center where patient escorts can enjoy a free beverage and a beautiful view of Ladadika, a famous Thessaloniki neighborhood.

Light & nutritious meals

Enjoy a free light and nutritious meal, a glass of juice, or another beverage of your choice.

Private ambulances

In case a patient needs them, our units have fully equipped private ambulances and experienced ambulance crews.

Easy access

Access is not going to be an issue for you. Our unit is located by Plateia Eleutherias, right next to an OASTH bus station and a 24-hour taxi station.

Free private parking

For those of you who prefer to drive, we can provide you with free parking near the Achilleion Nephrology Center.

Book your

We’ll be happy to meet you in person and offer you a free tour of our facilities and services.