Our focus is centered
on you and your needs

Every one of our patients is unique and has their own unique needs. We aim to build personal relationships with every single one of them, as we believe that a friendly environment is the key to maintaining positive mental health, especially in chronic cases.

A relationship based on trust

We stand by our patients, and the way they regard us is proof. It takes time to build up and express trust. That’s why our greatest reward is our patients calling us by our first names.

Stories of patients
and companion

Mrs. Eleni Antoniadou

Mr. Nikos Paraschopoulos

Mr. Filipe Almeida

Mrs. Eleni Voulgaridou

Our Scientific

With the utmost respect to the personality of our patients, our experienced and well-trained medical and nursing staff uses the most modern technological equipment to ensure medical services of the highest quality.


6 Nephrologists

1 Cardiologist


Liakos Spyridon


Roumeliotis Athanasios


Nikitidou Olga


Roumeliotis Stephanos


Antoniou Maria


Peristeridis Konstantinos


Our History

ACHILLEION Nephrology Centers were established with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of the hemodialysis patient. Our goal is to provide high standard medical services that exceed all expectations.


Dr. Achilleas Tourkantonis, nephrologist, professor, and president of the Aristotle University School of Medicine, along with Alexandros Tourkantonis (MSc, DIC), found Achilleion to create cutting-edge chronic hemodialysis units. The role of CEO assumes Alexandros Tourkantonis.


The first Achilleion nephrology and hemodialysis unit opens its doors, the only one located in the city center of Thessaloniki, at Mitropoleos 8 Street.


After the complete renovation of a private-owned building, the second Achilleion nephrology unit opens its doors in Kalamaria, at Ethnikis Antistaseos 17 Street – also the only one located in the area.

Dialysis &
Environmental Management

At the Achilleion Nephrology Center we utilize a series of best practices to make sure our energy footprint remains as small as possible. These environmental protection practices include:

Waste Management


Energy Saving

Environmental Awareness